Microsoft Web Applications

WCF Essentials includes topics:
WCF Essentials: Introduction to the Framework
WCF Essentials: Distributed Applications
WCF Essentials: Tools
WCF Essentials: Contracts
WCF Essentials: Services
WCF Essentials: Hosting
WCF Essentials: Building Clients
WCF Essentials: Managing Transactions
Queues & Reliable Sessions
WCF Essentials: Interoperability and Integration
Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 includes topics:
Introduction to HTML5 and CSS
Styling HTML5 and JavaScript
Advanced HTML5 and JavaScript
HTML5 APIs and Local Data Storage
More Advanced HTML5 and CSS3
Adaptive AI, Graphics, and Animation
Data Flow, Consuming, and Transmitting Data
Communicating with WebSockets and Utilizing Asynchronous Processing
Advanced Input Validation
Advanced CSS
Microsoft Azure and Web Services includes topics:
Introduction to Web Services
Introduction to the Entity Framework
IIS and Web Services
Consuming Services Using the ASP.NET Pipeline and Using OData Services
WCF Services
WCF Transactions, Pipelines, and Extensibility
Security and WCF Streams
Azure Services
Azure Storage
Azure Subscription Messages, Security, and Troubleshooting
Advanced Deployment
Azure Diagnostics, Debugging, and Access Control Service
Azure Scalability
Microsoft Azure includes topics:
Microsoft Azure: Introduction
Microsoft Azure: Networks and Storage
Microsoft Azure: Publishing and Caching
Web API Essentials includes topics:
Web API Essentials
Web API Advanced