Strategic Planning Curriculum

Big Data Basics includes topics:
Big Data Fundamentals
Big Data Interpretation
Strategic Risk-taking includes topics:
Knowing When to Take Strategic Risks
Thinking Strategically and Managing Risk includes topics:
Thinking Strategically as a Manager
Using Strategic Thinking to Consider the Big Picture
Identifying Risks in Your Organization
Assessing Your Organization's Risks
Responding Effectively to Risks
Fundamentals of Business Planning includes topics:
Preparing and Implementing a Business Plan
Effective Critical Analysis of Business Reports
Leading Outside the Organization
Returning to Core Competencies
Competitive Awareness and Strategy
The Fundamentals of Globalization includes topics:
Managing Expatriates' Career Development
The Etiquette of Cross-cultural Gift Giving
Evaluating Globalization Opportunities
Effective decision making requires sound analytics. This impact explores the pitfalls of basing decisions on faulty logic.